• Elisa Rudolph

Tag (鬼ごっこ)

Japan and the US share similar variants of tag. Freeze Tag, Jail Tag, and Banana Tag are popular in both countries.

In the US, Amoeba Tag/Chain Tag is also popular. Anybody who is tagged must join hands with the person who's it (鬼) to form a human chain blob.

I found the following version of tag in The JET Programme's 2013 Teaching Materials Collection. I've never played it, but it sounds fun!

Everybody Tag:

1. Everybody is It (鬼), and you have to tag as many people as possible.

2. Anyone who is tagged has to stand still, until there is only one player left who hasn’t been tagged.

3. The last player yells “Go!” and the game begins again.

The US calls 鬼ごっこ, "tag," but in England it's called "tig." Australians call it "tip."

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