Let's Try 1
Unit 1: Hello!
Unit 2: How are you?
Unit 3: How many?
Unit 4: I like blue.
Unit 5: What do you like?
Unit 7: This is for you.
Unit 8: What's this?
Unit 9: Who are you?
We Can 1
Unit 1: Hello, everyone.
Unit 2: When is your birthday?
Unit 3: What do you have on Monday?
Unit 4: What time do you get up?
Unit 5: She can run fast.
Unit 6: I want to go to Italy.
Unit 7: Where is the treasure?
Unit 8: What would you like?
Unit 9: Who is your hero?
Let's Try 2
Unit 1: Hello, world!
Unit 2: Let's play cards.
Unit 3: I like Mondays.
Unit 4: What time is it?
Unit 5: Do you have a pen?
Unit 6: Alphabet
Unit 7: What do you want?
Unit 8: This is my favorite place.
Unit 9: This is my day.
We Can 2
Unit 1: This is ME!
Unit 2: Welcome to Japan
Unit 3: He is famous.
Unit 4: I like my town.
Unit 5: My summer vacation.
Unit 6: What do you want to watch?
Unit 7: My Best Memory
Unit 8: What do you want to be?
Unit 9: Junior High School Life

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